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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 3, 2015 2:05am-2:35am EDT

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(upbeat guitar music) - it really is a big deal what michael and his wife are doing. it would have broken my heart to see all those horses destroyed. - you know, what made me sad is you weren't there, because you probably would have kissed every horse there at least once. - oh, three or four times. - i'm sure you would. you know, and it was my first civil war reenactment. - i was going to ask, what was it like when the cannons went off? - i jumped every time. but you know, so did the little kids, so i didn't feel too bad. hey, thanks for joining us. be sure to check out our facebook page and like us, and our small town big deal store, too.
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- join us again next week, when once again we celebrate the great stories from across america. and you can tell a lot of the guys around here have not had a shower in a few days. - i haven't. - i'm down wind from 7,000 soldiers who haven't showered in several days. now that's authentic. - you just eat it like that? no frying pan? nothing? bleh. i'm done with my ugly faces. are you rolling? - [voiceover] i am now. - oh! - that wasn't even hard. - that was too hard. - that was not. - it was hard. was it hard, roger, or what? - that is not hard. - [roger] it sounded hard. - yeah, it was hard. my breath went almost to him. i was not expecting it. - just for everybody at home, he deserved it. - and i came across a group of refugees that were fleeing from the ravages of war. you better not have been laughing before that ended, because i got it right.
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now, new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. developing right now, a new legion air scare in the south bronx. a new case diagnosed. officials say this time this bacteria was found in the water. good evening at 11:00, i'm sade bederinwa. >> and i'm bill ritter. folks are tonight, the discovery, the hot water being turned off and water filters are being installed. >> eyewitness news reporter, a.j. ross spoke with concerned resident. she's in the bronx with the developing story. a, j. >> sade, residents here got these fliers a couple hours ago notifying them of this new bacteria detectedded in the water system right here in this building.
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now also tonight, there was a community meeting and people are worried and frustrated they have to go through this again. >> a lot of people complain about it. they need to fix it. it's been going on for some time now. >> the new york city health department is taking no chances after a recently diagnosed case of legion airs was traced back to a small cluster of cases here at the melrose houses in the south bronx. after testing the system over the last two days, preliminary tests showed a positive match for legionella bacteria. >> it's been going on for awhile. we have been taking cold showers off and on. this. >> two other buildings tested negative and the results are still pending with five others. the houses are no stranger to the disease. in fact, health officials confirmed there have been four cases here over the last six months. >> it's very scary and creepy to know that it is getting closer and closer to where i live now.
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>> now, out of an abundance of caution, the cdc is recommending a thorough cleaning of the building and shutting off the hot water in the building that tested positive until filters can be installed. people living here say they are scared and don't understand why this keeps happening. >> city needs to get involved and help this little community out. >> it needs to be some more things done and if they don't have the funding, they should reach out somewhere and find it. >> health officials say the hot water here inside this building will be restored as soon as every unit has those new filters. they are working on a long-term plan for this entire complex. i'm a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we're not done yet with the heat. in fact, get ready for a hotter day tomorrow. people were taking advantage of cooler temperatures outside
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tonight in columbus circle. lee goldberg joins us with what we can expect tomorrow. >> more of the same, sade. day five of the heat wave. today was day four. we've been alternating. today we hit 91 degrees just after 1:00. the hot spot was a little cooler along the coastline. with the humidity, fall close to 90 at the beaches. we're still at 78. and across the borrows, lower hudson valley at 79 in newark. hudson valley this time of year, you expect to see more 50s. upper 60s and low to mid 70s. air quality warning goes through tomorrow, watch out for patchy fog and haze tomorrow morning as well. thunderstorms early to our west have dissolved. but this is the cold front we're looking to for relief and that comes in later tomorrow and tomorrow night. feels better by friday. until then, mid and upper 90s. this will be the hottest day. the heat will peek and probably be in the low and mid 90s for your highs. that would make it the longest heat wave of the season if we hit 909 tomorrow.
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it will feel like the middle 90s. then the heat wants to return again by labor day. there are some tweaks to the friday forecast, accuweather seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes, bill and sade, back to you. a suspect wanted for a deadly fight. cops say the suspect is the shorter man. he punched and kicked another man outside a bar after this video you're seeing. 42-year-old, jose guzman later died of those injuries. investigators want to question the blond man as a possible witness. another piece of surveillance video also new tonight. cops say this guy raped a woman at gunpoint in brooklyn. investigators say he covered his face with his shirt and sexually assaulted add 19-year- old girl in a yard. police releasing a sketch. the man later affected the second night. >> family and friends trying to come to grips following a suspicious fire at their home. a memorial started outside the home of lyndon b. harry, amanda
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morris and their two sons when they were found this morning in the second floor bedroom. investigators say several small fires were set inside the home. >> based upon what we see that this is not an accidental fire. that we are looking at this as a potential intentional fire that was set. >> authorities say some of the victims injuries were to the fire. >> it is quite obvious the increase in homeless people in the streets of new york city, finally, city officials admitting it and say they are trying to do something about it. the nypd now targeting homeless emcampments and shutting them down. will this work and what happens to all those people sleeping out there? eyewitness news reporter at one of those encampments. jim. >> bill, it wasn't long ago that when the nypd came to break up one of those on the other side of the wall back there here in the section of the bronx, the only other agency, city agency that would
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come they came to clean up the mess. like so much in dealing with the homeless over the last several years, awful lot has changed. >> it is worse now than it has ever been. maybe 60,000 homeless people in new york city now and dealing with them, even as public outrage grows, has never more difficult. >> laws changed in the last 20 years from when i was here the last time and the tools we had to work with when i worked with mayor giuliani. >> police commissioner two decades ago, but nothing like this. back then, you could arrest someone for panhandling. >> being upheld the constitutional right to beg. and so we see a lot of people begging. it's not against the law. >> free outreach and services is the main thrust. the main goal of this plan. >> the nypd goes out to break up an encampment of homeless people. all these agencies are in on it. all have counselors and legal
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advisers involved in an effort to identify and offer help to those who want it. and to identify trouble. >> we estimate 2% of that population are the ones that scare everybody, the irrational acts that they commit. oftentimes, so covered and appropriately so by the media. >> not everyone wants help. since august 17, the city offered assistance to 161 homeless people. >> ten individuals took up that offer and transported to shelters. >> yeah, just ten of 161 people the city approach wanted any help, accepted any help from shelter or food from the city and that is the biggest problem the nypd with this situation, so few are accepting help from the city. reporting live in the section of the bronx, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you, also new at
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11:00, we learned add high school in the bronx that was badly damaged will be ready to open after all. authorities say john f. kennedy high school is structurally sound and its air is safe to breathe. repair work is on going. last month's blast blew out numerous walls and windows and injured three construction workers. the fix was temporary for a railroad power outage, but officials hope it's a good enough fix to make for a smooth commute tomorrow morning. it certainly was a mess today. jamaica station jammed with delayed people. they were forced to stop service. the mta urging riders to check website before heading out tomorrow morning just in case there are more delays. the republican party is asking presidential candidates to support whoever wins the nomination. the pledge appears to be aimed sioeli at front runner, donald trump, who has said he will run as an independent if he does not win the republican nomination.
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said to meet with rnc chair tomorrow in manhattan. looks like the controversial nuclear deal with iran is a go tonight. president obama with enough support in the u.s. senate to get a deal to take effect. democratic senator of maryland announcing she will vote for the deal. her backing, getting the president enough votes to uphold a veto of any disapproval resolution. ten senators have yet to say how they will vote. >> new yorkers will sign up to win pope francis. the city will distribute tens and thousands of tickets for the procession through the park on september 25. from tomorrow through labor day, new york state residents can enter to win two tickets. winners will be randomly selected. and visit our website for information on how to sign up. go to you can call 311. the nypd today said it's not yet ready to unveil too many details of the pope security plan for security reasons. but officials say they are
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taking it into account his desire to personally greet as many people as he >> his holiness would like to make contact, be seen by, enjoy the presence of, as many people as possible. so while we have to secure the visit, we also have to keep it as open and viable to allow the real purpose of this trip to flourish. >> also a look the chair the pope will use. it was hand crafted by three day laborers. simplicity and humanity. as we continue on eyewitness news on this wednesday night, there's a new taxi app in town s. >> it was only a matter of time the taxi industry acts like these to rival the likes of uber so you can get a yellow cab. they call it e hailing a cab. but, after eons of hailing them the old fashion way, will this
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catch on? that story next as eyewitness news continues. >> speaking of smart phones, did an iphone save someone's life during a robbery? and meteorologist, lee goldberg returning to take a look ahead at the long holiday weekend. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, i have an important message write down the number on your screen, so you can call when i finish. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. this is a lock for your life insurance, a rate lock, that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful. many policies you see do not have one, but you can get a lifetime rate lock through the colonial penn program. call this number to learn more. this plan was designed with a rate lock for people on a fixed income who want affordable life insurance
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police in new jersey are on the lookout for two men who carried out an $80,000 jewelry store heist in new jersey. check it out. this is their smash and grab. the suspects breaking into week. the owner says they must have cased the store. they smashed display cases and filled bags with jewelry the thieves were in and out of the store in just 30 seconds. it might be go to jail day tomorrow for a county clerk in kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. her name is kim davis and she today was escorted from work by her husband, who happened to be armed with a handgun. davis, who has been married
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four times cannot issue licenses to gay couples because of her religious beliefs. as she refuses to obey a federal judge's order. she could face fines and jail for contempt. an intense man hunt widening tonight for three men wanted for the murder of a veteran police officer and now, we're hearing the officer's haunting final words. >> fox lake illinois police lieutenant, charles joseph was shot and killed tuesday after foot pursuit. minutes later, his body was found near his patrol car. he was planning to retire at the end of the month. new tonight, it like you can't live without your smart phone, but the iphone may have saved one man's life. the phone stopped a bullet that was fired by a robber. the bullet tore through the victim's jeans, but didn't make it past the phone. police are still looking for
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the suspect who fled with the victim's laptop. new at 11:00, speaking of smart phones, it was bound to happen. thousands of new york city cab drivers finally trying to fight the competition at uber and lyft on their own turf by using smart phones. >> the new app launching tonight is arrow. tonight, taxi drivers are using it to pick up passengers, but will it work to even the playing field? >> out to the streets of new york city to find out. >> new york city cab drivers don't have it easy these days. >> sometimes i don't have a customer and i'm available and there is no customer. >> app services have decimated their business, but mike wants to change that. >> we hope that this will bring the business back to yellow. >> one of several so-called e hail apps, which allow you to order up your yellow or green cab by tapping a finger instead of raising a hand. >> it will be faster and more convenient than somebody here doing the same thing. >> there's a lot of cabs around here.
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>> on this beautiful summer night with dozens and dozens of empty taxis trolling for business. >> sorry. sorry. >> we gave it a try. once the cabbie accepts the ride, then you wait. >> i don't have to stand here with my hand up, i can be inside in the office still doing work and i can watch him coming. so that way i can come when he's here. i can be upstairs like, you know, doing something. >> we're waiting for a yellow cab. yeah, are you an uber driver? >> uber has become a dominant force. >> that's him. >> the three drivers we e hailed tonight all said they love the idea of an app just for them. >> many ways to get the job. more jobs you get. >> raising your hand for a cab is as new york as a cab itself. and all things considered, this guy would rather walk. >> it's too nice to take a cab. 81 degrees. >> maybe it will make more
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sense on a cold and rainy night. on the upper west side, channel 7 eyewitness news. we'll see if it works. >> it changed the entire business. there's no question about it. >> no doubt. >> fun to watch him hustle around. they just want to talk to him. >> you're right, a nice night to go for a walk. >> and it will be for the next several nights. you'll love the weekend accuweather forecast. outside we go, we have what is a beautiful night. the empire state building and a couple nights will be red, 78. humidity is high. likely to be some haze and patchy fog that develops. keep that in mind for your morning commute. 91 degrees the high today. sunrise and sunset times for a hot, steamy thursday. still around 80 degrees in chelsea and jamaica queens, midland beach, staten island, coming in at 77. 64 in monticello. mild for the catskills. 79 in newark.
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68 in sussex. haze and sunshine tomorrow morning, 87 at noon. low 90s during the afternoon. a few clouds coming in. especially north and west. a spotty thunderstorm, probably north of i-84 and the hudson valley. maybe northern connecticut, here in the evening hours, a couple storms may sneak down into new york city. but they will be very, very spotty. mainly clear right now, thunderstorms to our west dissolved earlier, here's the cold front still over southern ontario. it's going to be very slow to make it down here. we're ahead of the front tomorrow. we'll get steamy. some relief north of the front across parts of eastern canada. tomorrow morning, the haze and patchy fog. 60s to mid 70s. low and middle 90s. there are the spotty storms well to the north. most will be focused along i- 909 if you have travel plans there. and then during the evening hours, a couple storms may survive. but with the front slow to get through on friday morning, a lot of low clouds are out and a couple showers on friday
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morning. that may be the best chance to see a couple showers, then the clouds will start to break during the afternoon hours and a slow process and the upper 70s and lower 80s. a good drop on friday. the humidity slowly drops on friday. this is a nice boating day tomorrow, just watch the skies late in the day and the early evening hours. this will be the last day we have the rip current which was low for awhile. they will be moderate to a high risk as we go into friday and saturday. the overall holiday forecast, it's cool air staying out west, and the warm air coming back. after a brief reprieve, we can get to 90 again by labor day. warm and humid at 7:00 a.m. haze and fog, 74. tomorrow, it's a high of 92 or 93. hot and humid, just that spotty storm north in the afternoon. could make it down to the coast, and watch out for that early shower and low clouds on friday. then some brightening in the afternoon. 82. sunday is gorgeous. saturday is gorgeous. it's low humidity, lots of sun on saturday. a little more humid, but perfect on sunday.
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if you want the heat, it's ban on monday. that may be the best beach day. i rank the holiday days, it's 1a and b. they are all great and stay hot into early next week. >> a wonderful summer. thanks, lee. coming up next, to smoke or not to smoke? plus, talk about a whale of a photo bomb. but first, let's check in with jimmy kimmel to see who is on his show tonight. >> amanda, bob, music from chris young, and a brand-new
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prank on my old man, in tonight's health alert, encouraging news about smoking in the united states. the smoking rate dropping to a new low. 15% of adults are now smokers. that's down from nearly 17% just last year. nearly 18% the year before.
2:30 am
more women smoke than men. more men smoke than women. the smoking rate has plunged since 1965 when 42% of adults smoked. >> that's incredible. it's not your typical photo bomb, but one whale proving a governor can't steal the show. a whale photo bomb connecticut governor doing a news conference. the 12-foot whale pressed its face against the glass. >> he goes home at dinner and says, guess what i did tonight? photo bombed the governor. rob powers is up next with sports. >> the nets trying to get back at the feellies. the drive continues. one more matchup at citi field. this had just about everything. both teams going out to decide which one would win this one. plus, more from the national
2:31 am
tennis center, the u.s. open
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it's hot, it's september, let's talk baseball. >> getting knocked around last night didn't knock the mets out of the water, which is the only positive they can take from this game. first place lead and the chance to get back at the phillies tonight. st. johns basketball coach threw out the first pitch. and then the fun continues. ruben tejada, down the line. watch the right fielder. that's domonic brown. brown flips over the wall. rounds second, races for third, then sets his sights on an inside the park home run. there's no play he is in there. brown would even chewly leave the game. the mets would eventually build that lead. daniel murphy down the right field line. run scores, putting murphy injured a quad. he left the game. michael, two-run home run, up 6- 0. dehydrated after the game, the phillies creep closer on
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the score board. takes care of that. mets win it, 9-4. back on track. day off tomorrow. big road trip friday. nationals lead by the way, late in st. louis. what's the baseball joke? how do you know god is a fan? even the bible opens in the beginning? beginning for the yankees today in boston. right field, long home run, it's gone. next batter, john ryan murphy, over the green monster, back to home runs. the yankees on their way. later, same inning. seven hits and 8 runs in the 2nd inning for the yankees. the red sox made this a better game than it needed to be, but the yankees hold on to win 13- 8. ten-game home stand opens friday. >> we had a really good road trip, and i think it's important going into an off day to have some momentum. it's an important stretch at home. playing every team in the division.
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now we are playing the other teams and they are important games. >> day three, u.s. open, serena williams, grand slam rolls on in the williams against burns. ten double faults. not a dominating match. down again in the tie break, but then goes 6-3 in the second set. so that grand slam pursuit, alive and well. williams moves on to the third round. in the night session, against venus williams, who hasn't been past the final round. dropped the first set, came back to win the second, 7-6, then williams comes through in the third. battle, won the match, it could be venus against serena. finally from us, temper, temper. new york city native, great granddaughter, kiki's niece.


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